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Encounter with Nachson Mimran

Chairman and Art Director of The Alpina Gstaad, Nachson Mimran shares his passion for art and artists in the world of today

"Collecting art is one of my passions and inspires much of our lateral thinking at, the company I co-founded with my brother Arieh, informing our approach to accelerating vital ventures around the world. 
I’m drawn to art that speaks to the things I care about - the human condition, inequality, and the state of our planet. When I find an artist whose ethos resonates with mine, or who challenges me to think in ways I haven’t previously, then I want to support their work and build a relationship with them -- it is the artist and their message that interests me, more than any specific piece. 
My main mission in life, and the mission of, is to heal the world and reimagine systems change, answering the needs of underserved and displaced populations. We do this by supporting entrepreneurs and creatives who are building, scaling, and accelerating solutions to the most pressing social and environmental issues facing the world today. 
Artists have a very important role to play in this, being typically at the vanguard of instigating social change, challenging the status quo and fighting for justice. We work with several artists in Uganda, where our foundation does a lot of work in the arts in urban slums and refugee settlements. And I engage constantly with artists such as my dear friends Doug Aitken and Delphine Diallo, who push me to think in new ways, to challenge my own preconceptions, and to never rest on our mission to heal the world."

"It is the artist and the message that interests me, more than any specific piece." - Nachson Mimran

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