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Crédits : Jill Harry. Pictures: The Alpina Gstaad.

The Beekeeper Workshop

Held around the beehives in the grounds, this summer workshop is an awesome invitation to discover one of the planet's oldest species.

Vital to the ecosystem, bees support natural habitats where animals, insects, plants and crops can thrive. Now facing challenges caused by climate change, these industrious pollinators are much-loved for their honey. From our 7 colonies of bees, professional beekeeper Stefan Neuhaus produces the exclusive Alpina Honey, served at breakfast and used in the kitchen for various sweet and savoury recipes. He invites our youngest guests, accompanied by adults if aged under 10, to discover these secretive creatures. 
In 45-minute workshops this summer, participants will receive protective clothing, hats and gloves. Plus a Beekeping certificate, a 500g pot of Alpina Honey, and screening of the 90-minute documentary "More than Honey" in the Alpina cinema. Contact the concierge for dates and registration. 

These secretive, industrious pollinators are much-loved for their honey.

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