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Good for people and the planet

Founded by Alexa Poortier and her husband Onno, the on-line platform focuses on the traveller and travel as a Force for Good.

"The purpose of NOW is to transform travel by growing our global community who believe that travellers and the travel industry have a responsibility to be a Force for Good," says Alexa Poortier. "We inform, inspire and empower travellers to make smarter choices on where to go, whom to stay with… and to use their spending power to improve our world. Secondly, we urge hotels to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance, boldly advance sustainability (defined as well-being for our world), and raise the bar on accountability and transparency. We provide technologies and extensive marketing support to communicate to all stakeholders how NOW Hotel Members take responsibility for their impacts on communities and environments. Technologies includes a NOW Sustainability Tool profile, the NOW Carbon Offset Tool, and NOW Travel Diaries for guest endorsement and hotel promotion." Taking sustainability a step further, new "regenerative" tourism is seeing travellers demand that money spent in hotels, resorts and retreats goes back to local communities. "One great example is the Genghis Khan Retreat in Mongolia: 100% of net revenue is returned to the nomad community that has been trained to operate it and has a charity to educate nomad children," says Alexa Poortier. In New Zealand, many operators are involved in nature restoration, tree planting and predator control programs. A path to be explored.

Taking responsibility for impacts on communities and environments.

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