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This is the decade that matters

Since my brother Nachson and I founded in 2013, it has evolved into a hybrid model of ventures and philanthropy. 

Our mission is to accelerate Earth’s most vital ventures. Growing up in West Africa, we developed a strong sense of duty to the continent. Today, across Africa and the world, we invest in brilliant entrepreneurial teams leveraging technology to solve critical social and environmental challenges efficiently and sustainably.
2020 took an unexpected turn, but our core philosophy stood us in good stead. mPharma built a molecular diagnostics supply chain for COVID-19 testing and sourced PPE across the continent. Flutterwave and Yoco helped with cashless payments. Sokowatch, SafeBoda, and MaxAB ensured the availability of essential goods. Bridge International Academies moved 1 million students to virtual learning. In our global portfolio, Pangaia and Scribd made staying at home more comfortable and educational. And in partnership with #TOGETHER FUND, our Foundation supported the refugee-led production and distribution of thousands of facemasks and soaps in Uganda’s Nakivale refugee settlement.
As we look to 2021, we are more convinced than ever that this decade truly matters; how we respond to, and learn from, change will make all the difference. We are resolved to remain thoughtful, patient, interdependent, bold, and logical. And, above all, committed to healing the world.

"How we respond to, and learn from, change will make all the difference." - Arieh Mimran

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