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Crédits : Jill Harry. Pictures: Stéphane de Bourgies / Christofle


Recently celebrating its 190th anniversary, the luxury French silversmith is reasserting its founding value: the Art of Sharing. 

With Nathalie Remy as CEO and President since 2018, Christofle is drawing on its basic principles of quality, creativity and generosity to inspire a new identity blending heritage with modernity. In the firm belief that sharing makes life more beautiful, Christofle reinvents the art of living "à la française" through the joys of wining and dining in tasteful decor, sharing gifts and celebrating important moments.  
"Christofle has long combined elegance and modernity in timeless creations whose beauty relies on noble materials and the expertise of its craftsmen," says Nathalie Remy, now pairing traditional culture with a focus on the 21st century and worldwide growth. Perfect illustrations of the silversmith's art of today include the festive "Mood Party", the new "Graphik" cocktail collection, and the "Jardin d'Eden" line of cutlery designed by Marcel Wanders to revive Baroque stylishness with the accent on Nature.

Beauty relying on noble materials and the expertise of its craftsmen.

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