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Thomas Callede : cocktail creator

Clients love his bespoke creations. More than a job, the Régina's Barman shares a real vocation at Café N. 

Born in Biarritz, this "local lad's" love of the Basque country is evident in his bar menu. Alongside classics, local alcohols, gin, beer etc, are real musts, with local "digestifs" for the curious, plus rare artisanal liqueur from Maison Egzuzki, Manzana Patxaran or Poire Brana. Thomas Callede admits: "I love my work, creating bespoke cocktails for clients, improving my techniques and keeping pace with new trends". A passion inherited from his father, also a barman. After a professional Bac (speciality Barman), his spent 8 years at top addresses and a spell at the Briketenia, arriving at the Régina in 2014. In this hotel he dreamt of as a child, he contributes to the liveliness of its "go-to" point in the centre of the Patio hosting coffee breaks, lunch on the run, confidences over drinks, Happy Hour, theme evenings… Café N draws lots of people, with live background music and a new events programme each season. 

Édouard VII Our Signature Tonic

Infuse gin with Sichuan pepper for about 6 hours. Add "Chambord", a noble raspberry liqueur created for Louis XIV when he visited the château of the same name. Like the king, the bottle wears a crown. Blend, then add a dash of lime juice for a tang, and Pink Pepper Tonic to soften the Sichuan. Enjoy!

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