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Crédits : Redaction : Ornella Bosquier et Anne Tabourel, photos : RR

Pyrenean trout : mouthwatering!

On the IQORI menu, Pyrenean trout, rated one of the best in its category, is farmed in the Basque hinterland. ID of a superb local product…

The winner of several awards, Pyrenean trout is prized by prestige restaurants including IQORI, lucky to be just a few kilometres from the aquaculture farm of Saint Etienne de Baïgorry. 

Where does it come from…?

Since 1965, Pyrenean trout have been raised from father to son in natural ponds on the farm of the the Goicoechea family, pursuing environmentally-friendly fish farming in their charming mill. 

How is it farmed?

"In pure, highly-oxygenated water" with a listed IA spring (top national rating) feeding the stair-like ponds. It owes its quality to the expertise of its “master trout farmers”: with respect for their growth rate, high quality food, low-density population. 

Its features?

This privileged environment provides conditions for growth "close to those of its wild cousins". Over 50 years ago, the farm created a unique smoking technique, giving the fillets their special taste.  

What kind of taste ?

Larger than average, Pyrenean trout offers rare finesse, winning several medals awarded by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in the "Cold Smoked Trout" category. Come taste it in our restaurant!

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