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Crédits : Rédaction  : Charlène Campos, Julie Lagrot, photos : RR

Thalasso & Spa Loreamar, an exceptional centre

The Thalasso & Spa Loreamar centre offers the ultimate in fitness and wellness thanks to its customised services.  

Sitting on the beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Thalasso & Spa Loreamar centre is a wonderful haven of peace. Exotic woods, shells, pebble fountains and iridescent blue net curtains invite you on a journey. One of of wellness and escapism. The indoor seawater pool seems to mirror the nearby ocean waves. The centre’s seawater is full of beneficial properties and active ingredients which, combined with the spa treatments, leave your skin and body tissue softer and loosened: they are oxygenated, nourished, firmed and toned. All the treatments on offer at the Thalasso & Spa Loreamar centre are dispensed by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals. Thanks to its human scale size, the centre proposes customised services, entirely adapted to your needs, and accepts a maximum of only 30 clients per day. Don’t hesitate to benefit from free access to the salt cave and halotherapy session. With its walls entirely covered in Himalayan salt, this is a new iodine-rich relaxation area, in which a pure saline solution circulates. The curative effects of salt air are numerous, including for respiratory problems, allergies, skin problems and hypertension. Twenty minutes in this space is equivalent to spending 3 days by the sea. It would be a shame not to try it out.

The 5-day Marine Cure

The Marine Cure is ideal for discovering the benefits of thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy and balneotherapy. Rich in mineral salts and oligo-elements, the treatment rebalances the organism and remineralises the body, restoring energy and dynamism. The treatment includes a daily massage and face treatment on the final day.

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