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Crédits : Redaction  : Charlène Campos, Julie Lagrot, photos : Jean Marc Decompte, RR

24h in and around Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Here is an ideal programme, concocted specially for you with the help of Anthony Lapébie, head concierge of the Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa.
8.00 a.m

Waking in the comfort of one of the Grand Hôtel Thalasso & Spa rooms, some with a view over the ocean, is a wonderful moment. Followed by a lavish breakfast, with room service should you so wish, your day starts on a perfect note.

9.30 a.m

In Sare, the Rhune train awaits where, in 35 minutes, you will reach the summit at 905 metres in altitude, which offers breathtaking views over Spain, the mountains and the Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay. You’ll have 1h20 to discover this natural beauty before descending.

12.30 p.m

For lunch, make sure you stop off at a Ventas on your way where you’ll find simple, good quality Basque cuisine with local produce.

1.30 p.m

Make your way to the little village of Itxassou for a superb 1h15 stroll on the hills and cliffs. At the top, you’ll be able to see several vultures since this is one of the major nesting sites for this majestic indigenous bird.

3.30 p.m

Just ten minutes away is the Anciart Bergara atelier which has been producing Makhila, the traditional Basque walking staff, for over two centuries. Visit the atelier and place your order for your own customised Makhila.

5.30 p.m

Back in town at the end of the afternoon, don’t forget to taste a typical local pastry such as the succulent macaroons at Maison Adam, or a Kanougas®, a delicious smooth and creamy caramel, produced by Maison Pariès.

7.00 p.m

Enjoy a well-earned early evening chill out moment at the hotel before dining in the gastronomic restaurant Aho Fina, which serves delicate, refined dishes to enchant your tastebuds.

8.30 p.m

For a perfect end to your day, make sure you attend a Cesta Punta match, the most spectacular of Basque pelote games. A festive and family atmosphere guaranteed!

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