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Crédits : Charlène Campos. Translation: Jill Harry. Pictures: Ed Wright Images, Maya Jah, Maya Bay.

World cuisine at its finest

Maya Bay, Maya Jah and Maya Mia are the three gastronomic restaurants in the JV Pastor Collection located in the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco would not be Monaco without its gastronomic addresses. The JV Pastor Collection plays its part with three restaurants offering sublime world cuisine: Thai and Japanese at Le Maya Bay, Mediterranean and oriental at Le Maya Jah, Italian at Le Maya Mia. 

On stepping inside one of these restaurants, escapism is ensured thanks to the atmosphere created by the decor. With cherry blossom, crimson lanterns and lacquered wood panelling, Le Maya Bay offers a one-way ticket for both traditional and contemporary Asia.  An elegant setting, whisking you to the distant shores of Thailand and Japan. Not far away, at Le Maya Jah, Morocco and India co-exist in all harmony. Full of delicacy, this restaurant stands out for a majestic decorative feature straight from Morocco, contrasting with sleek modern furnishings. Our world tour then ends in Italy at Le Maya Mia. Designed as a traditional trattoria, this casual-chic restaurant - now offering an extra area for private or special-theme events - honours the colours and flavours of Monaco's neighbour. Raw hams hanging from the ceiling, blocks of Parmesan chesse, and an authentic Vespa complete the decor of this colourful setting.

Sights for sore eyes, though palates are also in for a treat, as a treasure-trove of delicacies from elsewhere await you on the menus. At Le Maya Bay, Christophe Dupuy, Executive Chef of all the Collection's restaurants, is at the helm. He is accompanied by Japanese chef Chiharu Igarashi and a 100% Thai kitchen brigade authorizing an authentic, creative menu, as witnessed by the signature dish, prick prao lobster with gourmet pineapple-peanut rice. At Le Maya Jah, chef Mustapha El Hajraoui now mans the ovens. He offers a healthy, flavoursome new menu based on traditional Mediterranean and oriental recipes such as Black Tiger shrimps with tandoori, grilled  Wagyu beef keftas, and Mourouzia lamb couscous. Finally, the Maya Mia proposes trans-Alpine classics with a tasty selection of antipasti, pasta and pizza made of fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients. Not forgetting chef Ilaria Viano's essential dolci such as tiramisù della casa and castagnole della mia famiglia.
Finally, to complete your enjoyment, don't miss signature cocktails among the barmen's superb creations in each restaurant. Vodka flavoured with kiwi, cucumber and apple-juice for the Maya Bay cocktail, or Prosecco, Aperol and passionfruit at Le Maya Mia.

Fish counter at Le Maya Jah

Chef Mustapha El Hajraoui is particularly fond of dishes based on fish and seafood. Thanks to a new counter with oysters, caviar, sea-bass, sea-bream, turbot, John Dory etc., you can make your choice, and how it is cooked… grilled or in the oven! 

New-look menu at Le Maya Bay!

Turbot with coconut, beef curry with mushrooms, papaya and calamari salad… All new dishes to be relished at Le Maya Bay. These new offerings join traditional appetizers, sashimi, soups and other essential curries on the menu.

Welcome to the J.V. Pastor's universe to live new experiences in Monaco and Méribel!

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