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Crédits : Pascallel Piacka. Translation: Jill Harry. Picture: Hublot.

Ricardo Guadalupe, the expert's eye

CEO of Hublot since 2012, Ricardo Guadalupe focuses on developing the famous Swiss brand. Portrait.

Founded in 1980, Hublot stands out in the world of luxury thanks to the expertise and impetus imparted by this Swiss citizen of Spanish origin. Ricardo Guadalupe is known as being friendly,well-organized and pragmatic. "I am a GP of watchmaking." Born in Neuchâtel in 1965, his owes his passion for watches to his father, an operations engineer. "My father was very pragmatic, with manual skills." Aged 22, Ricardo joined Bvlgari. "The Italian firm was launching its watchmaking project. I learnt a lot as we started from zero." In 1994, he met Jean-Claude Biver in Basel. "A life-changing meeting! He enabled me to succeed in this industry." In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver became head of Hublot and brought Ricardo on board. In 2005, a new adventure began with the iconic "Big Bang" model, overthrowing all existing codes. "He had the brilliant idea of the Art of Fusion. We repositioned the brand. A success which will go down in the history of Swiss watchmaking." Guided by its philosophy "Be First, Different and Unique", Hublot constantly innovates, just like its CEO.

In Monte-Carlo, Hublot launched its special Monaco edition comprised of only 30 pieces, beneath the attentive eye of Ricardo Guadalupe. 
How would you describe this special limited Monaco edition?

The launch of the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph celebrates a year of being present in Monaco. It is an edition inspired by the colours of the Principality's flag. A sporty-chic watch, targetting a local and international clientele. 

Is it a way for Hublot to establish itself as luxury benchmark in the Principality?

We share the same values as the Principality, those of dreams, a quality lifestyle, architecture, hotels and restaurants. We would like to be seen as a benchmark. 

Is your goal to raise Hublot to the rank of an essential brand in the high-end sector?

Our aim is to be an essential brand  in the watchmaking industry. Hublot has long been a successful but confidential brand. For the past 15 years, we have been working on becoming an absolute must. When people mention benchmark brands, Hublot must be one of them.  

Are you still faithful to your motto, "The Art of Fusion"?

The Art of Fusion brought us great success. We re-invented the way watches are made. There is this philosophy of a connection between tradition and innovation. Which makes for success. 

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