Destinations By J.V. Pastor

Crédits : Charlène Campos. Translation: Jill Harry. Pictures: DR.

Joys of the mountains with the family

Le Refuge de la Traye is a corner of paradise where everything is designed to the very last detail to ensure that your family holiday leaves unforgettable memories. 

Proud of its "Famille Plus" label, Méribel is ideal for family holidays in the mountains. Just like Le Refuge de la Traye, which is delighted to welcome parents and their children, however young. By combining a high-end approach with a children's programme, it guarantees rest for the first, fun for the second. Many activities are held for our youngest guests, leaving from the hotel. In winter, toboggan rides (for all ages) are on offer, plus treasure-hunts (from age 6), electric snow-scooter circuits (5 to 10), tree adventure and Tyrolian sessions (from age 9). In summer, animals from the Refuge's educational "bergerie" (Nez Noir sheep from Le Valais, playful goats, little donkeys with long manes) will touch their hearts. They can also stretch their legs in the play area, enjoy year-round cookery classes or initiation in pottery. Nothing has been left to chance: at Christmas, children live their dream with Santa Claus handing out presents in an enchanting decor.  

Welcome to the J.V. Pastor's universe to live new experiences in Monaco and Méribel!

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